Advanced Digestive Enhancing Protein Plus Technology

The ADEPPT™ Effect

ADEPPT™ (Advanced Digestive Enhancing Protein Plus Technology) is a naturally derived, non-drug/vaccine formula extracted and developed for supporting a healthy gut in your pet. This formula functions to both support microbial and normal inflammatory balance in the GI tract. Pathogens, such as the commonly found E. coli and Salmonella spp. bacteria, require iron for their growth and survival. ADEPPT™ deprives these harmful pathogens to utilize iron, via its iron binding mechanism, to keep them in check without affecting the good bacteria. ADEPPT™ further acts as a free radical scavenger; this anti-oxidant activity aids in maintaining healthy cellular activity of intestinal cells, supporting a normalized gut.

Key Benefits

How ADEPPT Works

Pets Prefer nutritional supplements are scientifically enhanced with ADEPPT™. This unique formula works synergistically to help reduce the pathogenic bacteria in the gut while promoting the growth and performance of good bacteria resulting in optimized nutrient absorption.

In the gut, ADEPPT’s unique toxin-capturing and prebiotic-boosting effects stimulate growth and repopulation of the gut with beneficial bacteria, normalizing performance and enhancing its nutrient absorption capabilities. At the same time, it exerts a strong inhibitory effect on pathogenic bacteria. Most pathogenic bacterial strains require iron to survive. ADEPPT™ slows the activity of bad bacteria by binding to iron molecules in the gut transferring them back into the body for healthy use and blocking them as a food source. Simultaneously, ADEPPT™ neutralizes free radicals, stabilizing the cellular destruction they cause. These activities combine to reduce the pathogen load in the gut and the pro-inflammatory mediators it produces. With ADEPPT, the microflora balance in the gut returns to normal and nutrient absorption returns to healthy levels.

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