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Scientific support for your pet’s long and healthy life

Our pets are living longer, healthier lives thanks to improved nutrition from pet foods and supplements. A high-quality diet and daily activity provide the foundation of good health for your pet but may not deliver the targeted support they need. Adding supplements to your pet’s daily routine can help support their well-being naturally at any stage. Now you can choose powerful supplements in the form of soft chews, sticks and treats to support your pet’s health. These are manufactured in Menomonie, Wisconsin by Vets Plus, Inc., a family-owned firm, trusted for over 30 years to produce award winning pet and livestock products. Pets Prefer solutions are made with only quality ingredients. Plus, all the Pets Prefer products are enriched with our proprietary ADEPPT™ technology. 

Vets Plus is proud of its continued growth into a leader within the animal health industry and ability to manufacture a wide range of products while maintaining SQF Code 8.0, cGMP, and NASC certifications. Vets Plus is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), American Pet Products Association (APPA) and American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). 

Why Pets Prefer?

Adding Pets Prefer supplements to your pet’s daily routine can help support their well-being naturally at any stage. From soft chews and sticks to powders and treats, we know we have the solution to better support your pet’s health. We’ve been making trusted, award winning pet products for over 20 years with only the finest in quality ingredients. And now, all Pets Prefer products are powered by ADEPPT™ technology, giving your pet the nutritional immune system support unmatched by competitors.

Advanced Health Supplements to Streamline Your Pet’s Overall Health

At Pets Prefer, it is our aim to offer products that will help maintain your pet’s health and wellbeing naturally. Our supplements are made with natural ingredients, manufactured in SQF Level 3 edition 9 certified facility, NASC certified and powered by ADEPPT™ Technology to help maintain their immunity, a healthy gut microbiome and overall health.


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We are a team of scientists and doctors who develop effective daily supplements for optimal health of pets, using natural ingredients supported by scientific evidence.


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